Hi Karen
Scout is doing great.  She knows how to sit to eat and go out now.   She is just about potty trained....smart little girl.   Sleeps well in her crate.   She got her second set of shots on Monday....next set due in four weeks.   I think we will schedule her surgery in about two months from now.  
We take her out on a lead and will until she is big enough to avoid being taken by a predator bird.   We had what we think was a Peregrine Falcon appear suddenly two times within 24 hours at our second story level.   It showed up in a second and left that fast too.....a very strange experience to see such a big bird so close and fast.   Only Paul and I take her out on a lead for her security.  The vet said that she needs to be over 20 pounds before we let her out without a lead....I think owls can carry more weight?
She has the sweetest disposition.  Blue and she get along fine.   Blue is a very calm dog....even as a pup.
Thank you for the beautiful dog....she has brought so much joy to Josh and Jackie and us too.    Josh loves to play with her and Jackie loves to learn how to teach her new things.   Jackie has been on the look out for big birds too.